Monday, July 14, 2008

Chin up, beautiful!

Probably the number one reason I'm writing this entry is for myself. Because I need a pick-me-up, and what better way to pick oneself up than writing about ways to do so. See, my glumness spawns from my self-image. Today I don't feel pretty. Today I feel gross and sloppy and would really rather not step out of the house. And I know for a fact I'm not alone. We all have those days, when our hair feels limp, our clothes don't fit right, and a paper bag on the head seems like the perfect accessory. It's not a good feeling, so let's boost our mood together.

The way in which we ladies let our appearance define our mood can't be helped. And sometimes that's a good thing. Those days when we look great, we feel great, too. We're confident and ready to take on the world when our hair is full and shiny, and our heels create a stunning silhouette. But it bites us in the butt when we feel slouchy and unattractive. So here's a little solution I'm just knocking out off the top of my head - let's convince ourselves, each and every day, that we are beautiful.
Wake up in the morning and go for a run around the block. Take a shower with sweet-smelling soap and spendy salon shampoo. Flash yourself a dazzling grin in the mirror and pump up the sunny tunes. Dress in what makes you happy, whether it's a skirt or sweats, and tell yourself, out loud, that you look amazing. Flirt and frolick, employ the hair tosses, and talk to cute boys. Fight off each and every negative thought about your appearance by throwing a positive little something at it. "This sweatshirt is the single softest thing I've ever worn," "These shorts make my legs look a mile long," "This lipstick is the perfect color," "My shoes couldn't be cuter." And remember, you are a stunning individual with the ability to look and feel fabulous at the snap of a finger..

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Anonymous said...

this made my day.
thank you.
you're beautiful and intelligent and you rock.