Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In which a fashion trend finds me unspeakably sad, but redeems itself on further reflection

Usually, I don't hop on trends full on. I tend to do subtle touches. Like when painterly prints were in, and pixelated headband became the accessory of choice when I wore my little black dress. I do classics but try my hardest to incorporate something funky, just in case the Sartorialist has decided to visit Eugene. So when I found out that the latest trend is sporting comic book-inspired apparel, I was near tears. Super heroes? Comic books? These are not the things of my usual subtle approach to fashion. Boy was I wrong. Style.com offered a remedy to my fear.

Ah, Phillip Lim, you always know how to make a girl smile. Pair this with straight-leg jeans a Bat Man worthy half-boots and you're ready to save the world. Check out style.com today darlings. It offers the above top, and several other solutions for the demure of the fashion world. If you're a little more wild, a little more bold, you have choices, too. Like these beauties.

Yves Saint Laurent also gets the ladies. These strappy heels are even making me starry-eyed. Well I must bid you adieu for the day. I love you all so much. Here's to a fabulous week!

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