Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thrifty little things

While this photo (featuring Maura, myself, Helene, and just a glimpse of their friend Lilly a few days ago at lunch) is lovely in itself, I want to take a moment to discuss its photographer. Her name is Taylor and she is, above all things, the queen of thrift shopping. The petite 15 year-old is always pulled together. Her style is casual and current, skinny jeans, flats, and cardigans. Skirts and sun dresses have also made and appearance in her wardrobe, but due to the chilly weather, are on sabbatical. She always rounds out her ensembles with the perfect accessories - a chain necklace with a purple heart charm, a skinny sparkly scarf, anything fun an colorful. One look at Taylor, and there's no doubt in your mind that this girl hits the mall on a weekly basis. But surprise surprise! Your instinct is way off. Almost all of Taylor's wardrobe hails from secondhand stores. This, my dears, is an accomplishment. While most secondhand shops are beyond affordable, it takes some digging to find clothes that suit your style. Which is why Taylor is worth mentioning. She puts times and effort into her shopping. I've often boasted about the speed-shopping trips that Maura and I so often go on, but Taylor's clothing habits put us to shame. Maura and I go to spots where the stylish is offered on a platter to us. Taylor puts an effort into finding pieces that are modern and her. And her wallet is much happier because of it. The moral here? Hit up your local thrift shops. Venture is a world of shopping that's a lot less consumerism and much more about your own creativity and sleuthing skills. Adventure and style await.

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