Thursday, April 3, 2008

Buff and beautiful

So nudes are big this season. Think muted shades that may or may not blend in with your skin. Personally, I'm not the hugest fan. As pale as I am, with my fairly monochromatic facial coloring (my lips are the same color as my cheeks), going into the neutral department leaves me washed out. I dabble in cream, but I won't go much deeper. However, I'm willing to make an exception for this Derek Lam number I discovered on

For those of you who share in my plain-skinned plight but still want to rock the nudes, try pumps. Iconic Christian Louboutin has a lovely pair, but it's just a touch out of my price range. Let's admire it anyway...

Drool-worthy, no? Now if you need something a little more affordable, and a little easier to balance in, check out this pair from Chinese Laundry.

They do cost about $49.99, but I can assure you that Chinese Laundry has never done me wrong when it comes quality footwear. So the cost is worth it. I still encourage you to keep digging and hunting for a fabulous pair that fits your style and budget. Now I'm off to get some iTunes. Love and stuff!

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