Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The bold and the beautiful

This may be a little late in the game, but I just made a disappointing observation. Okay, here is the Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2008 collection. You'll find yourself pleasantly in love.

Wonderful, bright, and painterly. I did a lack-luster post on this collection a few entries ago, but don't let it make you believe any less that this collection has me head-over-heels. Now, enter Stefano Pilati's Ready-To-Wear collection for Fall 2008.

I will be the first person to praise dressing in dark colors for a nice classy effect, but using it for a futirsitc militaristic look just doesn't fly with me. This is my personal style. I was entirely smitten by the resort collection and prepared to imitate each and ever look whole-heartedly on my wallet. And, you being the sort who read this sort of blog, I would venture to say you are the same. So the ready-to-wear was a sad, hash contrast. There was one piece, however, that made sure our faith in Mr. Pilati remained steadfast.

Perfect pop of color. Now I've been running a fever all week and should probably stop browsing style.com and get to bed. When I have more time, look forward to some affordable ways to imitate the runway looks. Love you all! Keep reading!

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