Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Waiting for the fudge to set

As I write this, I am patiently awaiting the setting of my Rocky Road pseudo fudge. It's made by simply melting chocolate chips and peanut butter, mixing in marshmallows, spreading it in a dish, and then sticking it in the fridge. Easy to make, and I'm entirely addicted to it. I made it tonight t give to my freshman tomorrow at school. I'm a peer group leader (peer group is a program at my school that seeks to make mentors out of upperclassmen) and I'm getting my little group of ninth graders during fourth period. Hopefully their hearts are in their stomachs, because then I have no doubt we'll get along. Now what's going on in the fashion world? Art is in. Check out Louis Vuitton's collaboration with artist Richard Prince. Here's a nice little bag that is a result of the collection.

There is a surprising amount of variety in the collection, and its worth checking out. Now have you ever heard of Fafi? If not, you're a little behind the times, but I am perfectly happy to catch you up. Fafi is an artist who draws the most adorable technicolor characters, and now she is working with MAC on a collection. Bright colors, and darling packaging. See for yourself.

Now check out this painterly print dress from Yves Saint Laurent. Wonderful good fun.

The MAC collection aside, this new trend might seem a little bit unapproachable as far as prices go. Never fear. Stores like Delia's and Forever 21 are always looking to provide us little teenagers with something like what's on the runways.

Okay, so this left something ot be desired, but you get the idea. Bold and bright prints are it. Now I have to go check on the fudge, but you all have a wonderful evening and a great Wednesday.

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