Friday, November 9, 2007

The Shopping Adventures of Maura and Hillary

I love Daffy's. I love H&M. I love obscure SoHo stores. I love the NBC and MTV store. And most of all, I love these clothes. Here's a look at mine and Maura's New York City purchases. (Mostly) affordable stuff. All adorable.

Easy as 1,2,3

I got this shirt dress thing and tank at Daffy's. Very comfy nice fit. And cute print.

I swear I'm not a tourist

My two favorite television shows ever (and I couldn't find a Pushing Daisies Tee, otherwise that would be in this pic, too.) These kinds of clothes are overpriced for just being tees, but it's a neat souvenir, and you'll wear them all the time.

Cassette Tape LBD

This was on sale at H&M. It's comfortable and flattering. I plan to wear it with pink knit tights and black ballet flats. A belt around the waist wouldn't hurt, either.

I'm sophisticated, too.

Adorable raincoat and black dress from H&M. Both are very metro chic, and would look amazing with pumps or flats.


Maura got this dress at Macy's. It was over $100, and well worth every penny. The details are remarkable.

Yes, we're a little H&M crazy

Another H&M purchase. What can I say? There was an amazing sale there and our money was burning a whole in our pocket.

A Little Princess

The belt is courtesy of Helene (who I owe a lot of credit with this photo shoot. She was my assistant). Isn't the dress lovely? It makes me feel like royalty.

The favorite sweatshirt

I like that I could throw this on when I just want something low-maintenance and still be stylish. It's adorable, and from Daffy's.

I'm speechless

Maura got this adorable dressy shirt thing. I am in love with it. It came from the same place as the princess dress. The saleslady was very insistant that we buy the dresses.

Rock n' roll

Very cute satin black jacket. I wish you could see the details better in this picture. It looks amazing on Maura.

You are so very welcome

Maura got this for Helene at Daffy's. It's another throw on whenever and look dead trendy numbers.

Well, Oprah is interviewing the Osmond family right now. There's probably a million of them, and I am justly fascinated so I'm off. If anyone has any instant-gratification cold remedies please let me know. My nose is awful stuffed.

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